Tiger-Leap the movie

The story is about Ernst Berliner, a Jewish trackcycling-manager from Cologne-Ehrenfeld, who after WWII, he survived hidden in Zaandam in the NL, tried to open a case about the death of his friend and pupil Albert Richter. Albert Richter, "Fliegerweltmeister" (trackcycling world champion) in 1932 and repeatedly German champion had been betrayed and therefore killed at Lörrach Gestapo-prison in 1940 while trying to abscond to Switzerland, after refusing tenaciously to deliver the Hitler salute or to wear swastika jerseys during his races. In 1966 the Cologne public prosecution department refused to file a lawsuit clarifying the casualty. Important witness statements were disregarded, the aperture of the coffin remained undone. The quarrel about the naming of the Cologne velodrome in the mid-nineties reveals, that the Nazi dictum, that the name Albert Richter should be erased of all memories continued to be effective well into the times of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Boaz Kaizman, Peter Rosenthal, Marcus Seibert
Director's note Boaz Kaizman
Drawing was and still is my primary way of expression, though it became very difficult to draw a line between this medium and others. The film TIGER LEAP was designed in the film genre - animated documentary. The footage of this film is based on archival material (online and offline), found footage and re-enactments. The audio is based on music written by Boaz Kaizman and Jörg Ratjen voice over reading the text written by Peter Rosenthal and Marcus Seibert.
I find the emerging digital era challenging and exiting and I often use digital techniques in my art. Since 2012 I run an art project on the Internet based on video, animation and other digital elements under the title 71poems 71poems is a media experiment that aims at overcoming the limits of the classical exhibition space. It is a step ahead into the Internet world - it changes the virtual elements of the Internet into a real-time art-exhibition and into a real-time experience.

Visual director - Boaz Kaizman
Script - Peter Rosenthal und Marcus Seibert
Voice-over - Jörg Ratjen
Music - Boaz Kaizman
Sound recordings - Tonstudio Krauthausen
Co-producers - Martina Eiting, Sibylle Hartung, Mechthild Hartmann-Schäfers, Wendel Hennen, Stefan
Laskowski, Sabine Voggenreiter
Production - Marcus Seibert, Peter Rosenthal, Boaz Kaizman, Tigersprung GbR
Special support - Renate Franz, Roswitha Ester und Torsten Reglin (Ester.Reglin.Film), Tanja Wolff Metternich-Kaizman
Historical footage - Archives Gaumont Pathé, Günter Gaus: Zur Person - Hannah Arendt, Jean Améry: Der Terror aus Jenseits von Schuld und Sühne - by courtesy of Klett Cotta Verlag

Many thanks to
Sam Alter, Katalin Antalffy und Herbert Teufel, Ingrid Bartsch, Ralph Bodenmüller, Petra Bossinger, Jule Bürjes, Sandra Ehlermann, Anette und Johannes Esser, Susanna und Jose Fernandez Bardesio, Werner Fleischer, Janina Fleper-Burgmaier, Lisa Violetta Gaß, Marlen und Boris Gorin, Annetraut Grose, Ingrid und Michael Hallek, Margrit und Ludwig Hegge, Bernadette Heiermann und Heribert Schulmeyer, Isabell Herrero, Jules Herrmann, Robert Helming, Dunja Karabaic, Heinz Simon Keller, Erna Kiefer, Jürgen Kissner, Hanna Koller, Werner Koroschitz, Dieter Krauthausen, Monika Linden, Frederike von Lom und Thomas Schilling, Alice Maus, Susanne Mayerhofer, Christoph Merten, Petra Metzger, Jochen Mörsch, Lucca Müller, Andreas Müller-Matthey, Michael Niermann, Rolf und Marion Paffenholz, Christiane Palm-Hoffmeister, Sarah und Andre Peto-Madew, Ute und Peter Pogany-Wnendt, Jörg Ratjen, Ellen Rosenthal, Martina Rosenthal, Paula Rosenthal, Erik Schaap, Schardt Verlag, Carolin Schilling, Burkhard Schirdewahn, Gabriele Schwietering, Rosanna und Martin Spütz, St. Georges School Köln, Axel Stadtländer, Ulrich Stascheit, Stichting Joods Monument Zaanstreek, Olrik Cardinal v. Widdern, Ursula Wienecke und Jürgen Schmidt, Thomas Wiesenbart, Tanja Wolff Metternich-Kaizman Supported by: Bilz-Stiftung, ZASS, Kentaurus, Balloni, Radfieber, Förderkreis Hochbunker Körnerstraße 101 e.V.

Funded by Filmstiftung NRW

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